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The Future of Banking

Mbanq’s cloud offers the first full-stack, fully managed, core banking platform.

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Meet Mbanq. 

A Banking as a Service Platform

Mbanq is a complete digital banking solution delivered in a fully-managed Software-as-a-Service model.

Running in the cloud means your digital bank is launched in minutes, ready to be configured, and is always up-to-date.

Simple, transparent subscription pricing means you pay as you grow.

Designed for the Digital Age

Mbanq knows the world has changed and your customers expect beautifully designed, consistent user experiences across all channels, with realtime interactions.

We designed our digital core for this new world, so whether it is mobile, web, bots, PoS, IoT, voice, or branch – we have solutions for you.

With the Features your Customers Expect

Mbanq delivers the complete suite of retail and corporate banking products for digital banking and traditional banking.

We also have integrated innovative fintechs for digital identity verification, digital signatures, and payments. And, as we add more fintechs to our platform, you can extend their availability to your customers.

A modular architecture and powerful Product Designer

Technology should enable amazing ideas to be quickly and easily realized.

We made it simple to build your bank with our modular architecture. And our Product Designer allows complex banking products to go from conception to rollout in less than hour.

The world's most advanced open banking API

At the heart of our solution is a sophisticated and feature-complete open banking API, built on GraphQL, and PSD2 compliant. This gives you limitless flexibility to connect third-party solutions to our platform.


Unparalleled Security & Reliability

Mbanq makes no compromises keeping your customers’ data safe. Every bank has their own private cloud, replicated across multiple data centers for high availability and disaster recovery.

All data is isolated and encrypted at rest and in-transit, and we have an audit-trail of all actions in the system.

Build your own bank now!

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