With its established regulator relations services and compliance expertise, Mbanq helps newly established FinTechs apply for a US bank license sponsor.

Mbanq’s RaaS and bank license sponsors help FinTechs stay compliant with regulatory requirements. This solution guides firms on compliance with local and international regulatory laws and helps navigate the complex regulatory landscape, both in the USA and around the world.

Mbanq’s experts are knowledgeable about regulatory rules and processes. They offer valuable guidance and assistance on regulatory matters. By working with Mbanq you save time and money by taking advantage of cost-effective solutions, eliminating the need to hire your own compliance personnel or going through the complexities of acquiring your own licenses.

Mbanq provides established regulator relations expertise to facilitate your banking or Credit Union license, as well as setting up your regulatory reporting. This includes:

License acquisition support

Due diligence document review

Compliance with all regulatory requirements

Risk management review

Development and implementation of BSA & AML policies and guidelines

Operational risk policies

Mbanq provides regulatory compliance assistance and helps banks, FinTechs and Credit Unions navigate complex regulatory requirements. This saves time, reduces costs, and ensures regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.