Mbanq’s Insights-as-a-Service provides capabilities that enhance the consumer experience and drive business efficiencies.

Mbanq offers advanced data analytics solutions to Banks and FinTechs. It provides you with deeper insights into your customers’ data, helping you to make informed business decisions, identify trends and patterns, and improve overall business performance.

Enhanced Decision Making

With IaaS, you can leverage vast data sets to receive in-depth insights that help optimize decision-making. This data can help identify fraud, reduce operational risks, assess market trends, and make strategic decisions.

Actionable Insights

Create actionable insights through the integration of advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify trends, anomalies and patterns. This helps you make timely decisions and respond effectively to market changes.


Solutions are customized depending on your data requirements and budget. This means that you don’t have to invest heavily in the infrastructure for data analysis and can avoid the cost of building your own analytics capabilities.

Improved Customer Experience

IaaS helps you gain insights into your customers’ behavior, preferences, and needs. This information is used to enhance the customer experience through personalized offerings, improved service quality, and tailored communication.

Competitive Advantage

You gain a competitive advantage by improving the accuracy and speed of response to market changes. You will also position yourself better in the marketplace by identifying potential risks and opportunities.

Mbanq’s Insights-as-a-Service provides FinTechs with deeper insights into data and helps you make informed business decisions. It saves costs, improves operational efficiencies, enhances customer experience and provides a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Machine Learning

AI-powered algorithms to automatically generate actionable insights


Monitored metrics and back-end processes for consumers and internal operations

Data Integration

Seamlessly integrated data from consumers, businesses, and partners in real-time