Mbanq’s Solutions
for Sports Businesses
and Franchises

Sports teams boost revenues and fan loyalty through digitally-enabled ecosystem platforms.

Mbanq empowers sports teams as ecosystem creators, bringing to market differentiated financial products and next-gen fan-centric solutions.

Sports teams access new fan revenue opportunities and optimize back-office performance with turn-key solutions. Mbanq’s as-a-service capabilities enable sports teams to continuously engage their fans and maximize per-fan revenue.

Embedded BANKING for Sports Teams

Enhanced Audience Experience


Easier to buy

  • Digital wallet supported ticketing and memorabilia purchases

  • Seamlessly integrated in-stadium payment optionality

One-touch value added services

  • Rewards in stadiums and virtual stores
  • Event and travel insurance
  • POS lending and financial management tools

Relevant offers/promotions

  • Better cross-sell recommendations during games (e.g. personalized merchandise, fan experiences)
  • Up-sell other financial services offerings
    (e.g. co-branded accounts and insurance)

Simpler access to financial tools

  • Earlier access to paychecks for employees
  • In-app tax products for employees
  • Bank accounts for teams and athletes
  • Credit access based on purchase history and behavioral data for fans

Take control of evolving digital innovation
to incorporate personalized SPORT-focused banking capabilities

How You Benefit
from Mbanq’s Comprehensive

Financial Services Integration

Mbanq assists sports teams in incorporating financial services, from branded cards to mobile app offerings and fan loyalty programs. This introduces new revenue channels, boosting team income and profitability.

Loyalty and Rewards Solutions

Mbanq enables sports teams to leverage innovative loyalty and rewards programs that are personalized to their brand and fanbase and can include digital merchandise and event tickets.

Loyalty and Rewards Solutions

Mbanq aids sports brands in building digital platforms for enhanced fan engagement, offering interactive experiences, content sharing, ticketing, and personalized features to enrich the fan experience.

Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

Mbanq excels in regulatory and compliance within the stringent financial services sector. We guide sports entertainment entities through compliance duties, ensuring they meet all legal financial standards.

Disbursement and Collection Solutions

Mbanq’s DaaS and CaaS simplify payment workflows and boost cash flow. DaaS automates payments, and CaaS refines collection methods, lessening operational hurdles and enhancing financial oversight.

Partnerships and Alliances

Mbanq partners with businesses and venues to integrate finance with sports entertainment. This collaboration broadens reach, offers joint solutions, and enhances client value.

Insights and Analytics

Mbanq’s Insights-as-a-Service offers sports businesses crucial data insights and analytics, enhancing decision-making, customer understanding, marketing precision, and operational efficiency.

Account Management and Closure

Mbanq’s ACaaS aids sports businesses in streamlining account closures. It ensures efficient management, adherence to regulations, and saves time and resources on account terminations.

Data Security and Compliance

Given the sensitivity of financial data, Mbanq provides industry-leading security features and compliance measures to protect customer information and prevent fraud in financial transactions within your industry.

By leveraging Mbanq’s offerings, you will enhance your business with financial services integration, streamline operations, improve fan engagement, and make data-driven business decisions in a rapidly evolving industry.