Mbanq pay

Mbanq enables banks, FinTechs and businesses to send and accept payments anywhere and at any time. It provides the flexibility to accept and receive funds in the way that suits your needs.

Mbanq’s complete payments stack provides origination, processing and risk management while prioritizing full regulatory compliance.

This API-driven technology delivers ease of use, flexible functionality and robust security for all your payments requirements.

Through Mbanq’s advanced integration and partnerships with major payment systems such as SWIFT payments, SEPA payments, Visa, Mastercard, Fedwire, IBM World Wire, Euronet, GPS, InstaRem, and RippleNet payment systems, Mbanq Pay is a platform that offers the most reliable payment solutions for the modern world.

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Regulatory Compliant

Mbanq enables you to integrate major payment rails under one service. It is simple to set up and is ready to go. This interoperable payments solution also provides a gateway between modern and legacy payment rails, including:


At the heart of the platform is the SWIFT system, ensuring security, convenience, and efficiency in global payments. This globally recognized system ensures cross-border transactions occur seamlessly, with fast processing speeds and minimal disruptions. Whether you are sending or receiving payments, Mbanq’s SWIFT integration ensures you won’t need to worry about long payment processing times or complex transaction procedures.


The solution also includes Visa and Mastercard integration, making it possible to offer instant card payment options in numerous currencies. This feature supports the payment of goods and services in multiple currencies, offering a convenient and fast payment process for both buyers and sellers.


IBM World Wire integration, brings a revolutionary blockchain-based payment system to Mbanq’s platform. The platform’s direct integration with IBM World Wire gives users access to a trusted and secure payment network that ensures transparent and speedy transfer of funds to multiple countries worldwide.


Through its partnerships with GPS and InstaRem, Mbanq offers real-time and low-cost payment options to over 55 countries globally. It leverages these partnerships to hasten cross-border transactions to a matter of minutes, promoting efficient, low-cost, and reliable payments to customers worldwide.


Mbanq also offers SEPA payments to customers looking for an easy and fast Euro payment method. SEPA is a reliable payment option known for its simplicity and ease of use when making Euro denominated payments within the European Union (EU). With this integration, you can make easy and straightforward payments in Euros, mitigating costly currency conversion rates.


Mbanq integrates with Fedwire, a US national electronic payment system maintained by the US Federal Reserve that facilitates the interbank transfer of funds, securities, and transactions over the next operating day. This standard wire protocol system serves as the backbone of the US payment system. With Mbanq’s integration, customers can conveniently and efficiently transfer funds between US bank accounts. Fedwire transfers are processed on a real-time basis, ensuring speedy and secure transactions with proper authentication, enabling a seamless experience for customers to transfer funds domestically within the US.


As part of its commitment to enhancing accessibility and expanding the payments platform to more countries, Mbanq has partnered with Euronet. This partnership includes a network of hundreds of thousands of ATMs and POS locations across Europe, enabling extensive coverage of your platform for maximum customer benefit.


Mbanq’s integration with the RippleNet payment system adds a new layer of reliability to the platform, with its efficient cross-border transactions. The RippleNet payment system leverages blockchain technology, offering fast and secure payment solutions to thousands of financial institutions worldwide.

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Send and accept payments any way you want

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Connect all your channels via one API with one single integration

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Powerful data and analytics for informed decisions

Mbanq’s global payments solution for digital banking, FinTech and business offers a reliable, fast, and secure platform for making payments worldwide. The integration of reputable payment systems and partnerships with key players in the payments industry has enabled Mbanq to offer unparalleled services to customers.