Mbanq cloud

Create and propel your banking enterprise with the world’s most agile and streamlined cloud-based banking platform.

Technology coupled with regulatory and compliance and comprehensive operational management with robust support provide everything FinTechs and neobanks need to launch a banking instance and start creating new banking products today.

Back Office

A web-based back office for operations and compliance users of a bank or fintech

Mbanq Console

A web-based interface to manage banking instances, useful for IT users

API-driven Core Banking

A REST API that provides complete access to the functions of the digital core banking system


A template web banking app for the clients of a bank


White label-ready mobile applications


Client Management

Includes client creation, approval, activation, update, closure, and more. It also allows for the assignment of staff and transfer of clients to different branches or offices.

Account Management

Covers the creation, approval, activation, update, and closure of current and savings accounts. It also includes calculating interest, overview of transactions and automated additions and charges.

Payment Rails

Supports multiple payment methods including ACH, Fedwire, SWIFT, RTP, Check 21 processing, and card issuing and acquiring.


Provides risk assessment for addresses, emails, phones, and devices. It also includes SSN verification and matching, OFAC screening, document verification, and liveliness checks.

Loan Accounts

Manages loan applications, charges, repayments, and more. It also allows for the assignment of loan officers and the management of guarantors.

Share Accounts

Includes workflows for account creation, approval, activation, and closure.

User Administration

Manages users, assignments to office/branch, staff, and role assignment.


Manages chart of accounts, frequent postings, journal entries, closing entries, accounting rules, accruals, and provisional entries.

System Management

Manages system codes, roles and permissions, webhooks, surveys, audit trails, reports, jobs, and system configuration.


Includes multi-factor authentication, maker/ checker module, configurable password policies, roles/permissions, and more.

Overview of API-Driven Core Banking –
Streamlined on the Cloud

Mbanq Cloud offers a cloud-native core banking system with open REST and GraphQL APIs that provide complete access to all functions.

This enables you to leverage the API to build your own frontends, use Mbanq’s white label solutions or integrate third-party services, extending the functionality of the core banking system according to your needs.

Mbanq Back Office

This is a web-based back office application for business users of a bank. It provides features like managing current and savings account products, loan products, tax configurations, API management, security settings, accounting tasks, client management, organization management, and system management.

Customer-facing Applications

Mbanq Cloud provides white label-ready web and mobile banking apps for the customers of your bank. These applications can be customized and branded according to your requirements, providing your customers with a seamless banking experience that enhances your brand visibility and provides a consistent user experience.

Mbanq’s advanced white label apps are a costeffective solution that offer a competitive edge. It saves you time and development costs associated with building an app from scratch. Moreover, it demonstrates your bank’s modernity and commitment to customer service, giving you an advantage over competitors.

A branded mobile banking app improves customer retention and provides valuable data insights that can guide data-driven decisions and improvements, enhancing your services further.

Scalability and Pricing

Mbanq Cloud follows a ‘pay as you grow’ model, which allows you to start small and scale as your customer base grows. The pricing model is simple and transparent and includes everything from IT infrastructure to support and operation costs.


Mbanq has partnered with IBM and Amazon Web Services to enable startups in the Mbanq Labs acceleration program to build products on top of Mbanq Cloud and extend the capabilities of the platform.

Immediate access

Just register and you’re ready to go. Test everything on the evaluation environment and deploy to production. Your digital bank is launched, easily configured, and is always upto- date.

Extendable architecture

Use the solution as-is or leverage our API driven core banking and extend its functionality by integrating 3rd party services and building your own extensions.

Pay as you grow

Simple and transparent pricing enables you to pay as you grow. We included everything into the pricing model. Stop worrying about IT infrastructure, support and operation costs.

Mbanq Cloud provides you with the most straightforward and streamlined path to launching a fully functional and fully supported digital bank