B9 is a hugely successful FinTech platform that targets customers who are underserved by traditional banks and who seek an alternative payroll solution. The company offers “unbanked” customers – those who are overlooked by banks or banking institutions – access to services like direct payroll deposit, peer-to-peer instant payments, interest-free payroll advances and a VISA debit card.

B9 helps eliminate predatory lending with a no-interest (0% APR) pay advance offer. This feature helps customers who are outside the traditional banking system get bank-grade services on excellent terms, providing financial inclusion for people who are new to the U.S.

Vlad Lounegov, CEO of Mbanq, says “B9 has created a very interesting value proposition in the market. It targets the underbanked, primarily Latin American community in the United States. About 38% of employees in American workplaces are underbanked, meaning that they might have access to a bank account but don’t have access to a full suite of financial services. Sooner or later you will find that many of those consumers are actually excluded from the financial system.

“B9 has created a bank account that runs on Mbanq’s platform that is able to receive workers paychecks so they don’t have to go to check cashing services. They can use the money on the account and they can receive an advance against their paycheck as well as use the card for normal financial transactions such as payments for goods and services.”


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