Mbanq’s Natalia Han Discusses Fraud Prevention Best Practices at the FPC

by Aug 18, 2023

The 2023 global cost of cybercrime surged to a staggering $6 trillion, doubling in just five years. To address these concerns, an elite panel of experts in cybersecurity, technology, financial fraud prevention, hacker tactics, and disaster recovery, Barry Moniês, Natalia Han, MBA, Najaf (Naj) Raza, and Omar Sabek, addressed these concerns, moderated by Ziad K. Abdelnour.

At the recent FPC Summit, which took place on August 17, 2023, at the The Penn Club of New York, our distinguished panelists discussed the intricacies of digital threats, offering real-life solutions and insights to help safeguard your business and financial assets.

“It takes a lot of powerful technology, real world experience and operational effort to balance security with convenience when it comes to cybersecurity, and to ensure you don’t cut any corners.”
Natalia Han, Mbanq

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