Mbanq Partners with Galileo to Enhance Card Issuing Capabilities

by Sep 23, 2021

Leading Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, Mbanq, announced today that it is partnering with Galileo, the global leader in card issuing and payments processing, to streamline and speed up card issuing for Mbanq’s clients. The partnership enables Mbanq’s customers to easily access both banking and card issuing services via a single API.

Vlad Lounegov, CEO of Mbanq, says, “By partnering with payments and card issuing industry leader, Galileo, Mbanq becomes an essential one-stop-shop for all banking services. The collaboration is a perfect fit because Galileo and Mbanq share a commitment to building high-quality, modern financial infrastructure.

“This partnership enables Mbanq to simplify the card issuing process through a single banking API and enhances our clients’ ability to launch quickly and adapt to market needs in an agile manner.”

By leveraging Galileo’s technology platform, Mbanq’s customers can issue, activate, and manage the entire card lifecycle using the same Mbanq API they use for all other banking services. Additionally, Mbanq provides program management services, including network agreements, fraud detection tools, BIN management, and custom card design, printing, packaging, and shipping services.

“Galileo delivers a single point of integration that empowers innovators to expand the financial frontier,” adds Derek White, CEO of Galileo.

“Mbanq is an important new channel partner that helps us reach more businesses looking to launch and scale profitable digital banking services quickly. Mbanq also shares our focus on creating great developer experiences that massively simplify the process of building better financial services products at scale.”

Galileo CEO Derek White

Founded in 2016, Mbanq is a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider that modernizes the entire banking technology stack. Its technology offers APIs that let both banks and FinTechs automate their operations.

Galileo’s financial technology platform provides comprehensive, flexible API technology, value-added services and direct connections to the financial services ecosystem that power world-leading FinTechs.

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