Huge Milestone for One of the World’s Fastest-Growing FinTechs.

Mbanq has reached profitability as it celebrates its third anniversary. With 150 employees, Mbanq is one of the fastest growing and most comprehensive banking technology providers in the world and a breakthrough leader in the development of a new generation of digital banking solutions.

Vlad Lounegov, Mbanq’s CEO, reports,
“Mbanq’s tecnology is running as the basis of 15 banks. A further 10 banks are in the process of either contracting or setting up Mbanq’s solution. This speed of client acquisition is expected to drive growth in Mbanq’s 2019 projected revenue to achieve a 300% increase over 2018.”

Lars Rottweiler, Mbanq’s CTO, says,
“Mbanq has experienced rapid success because banks and FinTechs are natural partners. Today’s banking customers need instant, on-demand financial services everywhere they go. At the same time, banks need to keep adapting to a rigorous and fast-changing compliance landscape.”

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