Vlad Lounegov recognized for exceptional leadership and outstanding US business achievements by Financial Policy Council.

Vlad Lounegov has been inducted into the Entrepreneur’s Circle and awarded the Entrepreneur Leadership Award by the Financial Policy Council (FPC), a New York-based non-profit that provides policymaking expertise, education, events and networking for thriving entrepreneurs and wealth creators.

FPC Chairman, Ziad Abdelnour, says, “The FPC’s members are on the front lines of American and global industry with proven success and expertise in their specific industry sectors. The FPC’s goal is to ensure that America retains an economic and regulatory system favorable for economic growth and wealth creation, especially when it comes to economic, fiscal and tax policy.”

Vlad Lounegov has shown the determination and skills necessary to succeed in FinTech and I welcome his input in ensuring that American business remains best in the world.”

Lounegov adds, “Banks may be reliant on technology, but all businesses are run by people. The Financial Policy Council has built a strong network of successful entrepreneurs that support each other’s endeavors. I’m humbled to join and be recognized by this group of high achieving executives and investors.”

Mbanq is one of the fastest growing FinTechs in the world, with 150 employees and offices and development centers around the world, including San-Francisco, Miami, Singapore, Germany and Croatia.

The Financial Policy Council is a non-profit designed to improve all aspects of American business for entrepreneurs and wealth creators through expert policy advice, educational seminars, and events and networking.

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