Tokenizer Partners with Mbanq to Create DeFi Banking and Investment Platform

by Oct 21, 2021

Tokenizer, a leading end to end digital assets banking and investment platform, today announces its partnership with Mbanq, a FinTech innovator and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, to create a unique, blockchain-based decentralized finance (DeFi) FinTech banking and investment platform – Defi Banq.

As well as offering traditional digital banking services such as current and savings accounts, financial products and debit cards, the partnership specializes in advanced digital asset solutions for account holders.

Defi Banq will allow users to make deposits in fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, asset-backed tokens, and other types of assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In addition, users will be able to easily swap assets within the platform as well as connect to various DeFi protocols. Accredited investors will get additional investment options in tokenized alternative assets including real estate, funds and art.

Manindra Majumdar, CEO & Founder of Tokenizer, says, “There is a paradigm shift in financial markets and services as we are moving towards a blockchain enabled multi-token/currency environment. Defi Banq bridges the gap between digital banking and cryptocurrencies. Individuals as well as institutions will be able to benefit from our secured and regulated banking services alongside the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain investments in a seamless manner. Debit cards and virtual cards connected to the accounts will allow for easy access to the funds.”

The platform prioritizes security. It is backed by an FDIC-insured US bank and operates under the laws and financial regulations of the United States of America.

Lars Rottweiler, CTO of Mbanq, says, “Tokenizer’s unique, digital asset-first approach to banking and investment provides account-holders with multiple savings and investment solutions simultaneously. Users can access regular banking services and use their debit cards for all day-to-day online and offline transactions, while at the same time seamlessly benefitting from cryptocurrency investments and the tokenization ecosystem.”

Tokenizer is an aggregator of fiat, digital assets and currencies that operate on the blockchain, powered by BlockX. Tokenizer plans to setup Digital Banks and Capital Markets in several other jurisdictions outside the US and is currently looking for partners.

Mbanq is a leading FinTech innovator and Banking-as-a-Service provider. Its platform focuses on helping traditional banks evolve into the digital age as well as supporting neo-banks and FinTechs launch powerful digital financial services.

Mbanq Labs is a digital banking and FinTech accelerator that supports startups with technology innovation, fundraising, marketing, and legal and regulatory frameworks. Tokenizer is a proud graduate from Mbanq Labs’ 3rd cohort.

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